Celebrate The Arrival Of Spring With A Family Photo Session

After a long winter, many families are eager to celebrate the arrival of spring. There are lots of ways that you can greet the changing of the seasons as a family. One option is to come up with a fun idea for a photo portrait and hire a local photographer to capture the moment. Family photography sessions tend to be more engaging when they have an original feel to them. For example, instead of posing in a conventional manner in front of a standard backdrop, it can be fun to get creative. Here are some ideas that can work well for a photo session that celebrates the arrival of spring.

Jumping In Puddles

Many children love jumping in puddles during the spring, and while adults tend to shun this type of behavior, it can be fun to use this idea as the theme for your springtime photo session. There are different ways that you can approach the idea of jumping in puddles. One option would be to have your kids wear their rubber boots and jump in a puddle while you and your significant other stand nearby with amused expressions. If you really want to get silly, the adults could join the kids with their own rubber boots and you can all jump in a big puddle together. This type of action can make your photo really stand out.

Enjoying Ice Cream Cones

Even though ice cream is typically a summer treat, many families go out for ice cream in the spring. An unseasonably hot day during the spring can be a good time to visit a local ice cream parlor for a cold treat — and to have your portrait photographer join you. You and your family members can each order a bright color of ice cream and pose for an engaging photo. One option could be a close-up shot of each of you taking your first bite into the ice cream.

Doing Spring Cleaning

Spring is also a time for a thorough cleaning of the home and the start of some yard work, which are things that many kids don't find appealing. Depending on your family's sense of humor, you might wish to set up a funny photo shoot around this topic. Your kids could pose while performing a common spring cleaning task, such as washing the windows or digging in a garden. You and your spouse could relax in the background while the kids work. For example, for an outdoor shoot, you might sit on lawn chairs with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.

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